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Office Facilities Services Enhanced by Technology

We support our key operational functions with sound processes and the best technology available.

The latest example is our Field Force Automation program, a major technology initiative designed to boost service levels across the company. FFA uses a mobile wireless infrastructure consisting of BlackBerry® smartphones and a customized suite of software applications.  FFA provides complete office/field integration of our quotation, work order, scheduling, reporting and time collection processes as well as “anywhere” communication of voice, email, data and project photography.

Crew Sign In

Wireless Devices use by our installation professionals.

Office Installation Reporting Tools

SnapTracker™ Industry Leading Inventory Management

Our primary warehousing and asset management technology is SnapTracker™, the industry leading software for managing furniture and other workplace inventories.  SnapTracker enables us to offer clients a robust solution for managing both warehoused items and items in active use. Clients can access their inventory data online to expedite the planning of moves, adds and changes; reserve assets for upcoming projects; and make decisions about re-use, liquidation and disposal.

Scanning inventory barcode.
Scanning inventory code.

Reviewing asset details with SnapTracker™.

SnapTracker Inventory Search
SnapTracker™ inventory database.