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Connectrac: Managing the Mess

How many times have you walked into a great retail store only to find power cords and data cables taped to the floor? As well as being a major eye sore that detracts from the experience, they often create dangerous trip hazards. And with the proliferation of digital and interactive displays, this challenge has never been more acute.

Traditionally, power and data were managed through either trenching or power poles to the ceiling. While both are viable, there are drawbacks. Trenching is frowned upon by landlords, relatively expensive, messy and inconvenient. Alternatively, dropping power from the ceiling can be unsightly and interrupt sight lines.

Fortunately, there is a new alternative. Connectrac is the modular, floor-based wireway system that brings power, data and communications from an existing wall outlet to the required destination. Whether permanent or temporary, Connectrac is easily installed on the surface or semi-recessed. The latter is achieved by flanking the wireway with ultra-low transition ramps.

Connectrac offers a wide variety of accessories that include end, corner and wall kits as well as assorted receptacles. Utilizing these modular elements helps ensure that Connectrac can solve any location challenge.

Connectrac has many applications in retail environments. For example:

  • Kiosks
  • Digital and interactive displays
  • Triage/greeter stations
  • Cash wraps
  • Sampling and demonstration stations
  • Customer service counters
  • Swiftspace stations

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