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Mrs. Green’s Opens Its First International Store!



Mcintrye Group once again exemplifies their best in class reputation, allowing Mrs. Green's of Scarsdale, NY to successfully open their first store in the Canadian market both on budget and on schedule. All of the interior fixture assembly and carpentry services were contracted to McIntrye Group's Calgary installation team.

Mrs. Green's Natural Market is a chain of neighborhood stores that is passionately committed to clean, natural foods. They have had considerable success in their home market and, like many U.S. based retailers, decided to open stores in Canada as their first venture into foreign lands.

Now, consider the additional challenges of opening a new store, not just in another country but across the continent! That is what Mrs. Green's faced as this Scarsdale, NY-based retailer began constructing its first international store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our first call on the project came from the construction management company, Nolan Projects, as they were taking delivery of the interior fixtures for this 20,000 sq. ft. retail space. They asked if we could assemble the store fixtures and provide carpentry services on site. Fortunately, the McIntyre team was ready to react quickly.

A team of eight installers and three carpenters was instantly scheduled to tackle the early fixture delivery that occurred in the middle of October when local weather is often unpredictable. Had a professional and reliable group not been on call, these expensive and critical store elements may have easily been damaged.

As a result of great teamwork by the project managers, general contractor, logistics companies and our installers, the new Mrs. Green's store will proudly offer a great new shopping experience to Calgary customers. And head office, 4,000 kilometers away, will have the confidence in knowing that an international rollout is totally possible.

Of course new-build and remodeling projects often come with challenges, but the professionals at the McIntyre Group have learned to turn them into opportunities. When planning your next project, consider these tips:

  • Logistics must be carefully considered. Where will materials be stored if the timeline is extended and the site is not prepared for installation at the time of delivery? The sooner the McIntyre Group is alerted about delivery issues, the better.
  • Logistics are often underestimated in terms of complexity, but the McIntyre Group is prepared. Instead of shipping direct to site and chancing the elements or any other potential surprises, the client can have fixtures, signage and other elements shipped to our warehouse where they will be safe and secure. McIntyre trucks can then make the on-site delivery when the space is prepared.
  • Maximizing workforce efficiency is essential for staying on budget and on schedule. Continued communication with the installation company can help to ensure that the proper team is employed for the job at hand.

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