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Office Storage & Inventory Services

A Vital Hub for Facility and Furniture Logistics

McIntyre's office storage warehouse in Mississauga.McIntyre offers short and long-term storage in Calgary, Ayr and Mississauga.

Our mission: Assure efficiency in workplace change by providing centralized and well integrated logistical support—

  • short-term “parking” for new and used product;
  • long-term storage of off -duty inventories;
  • data that’s crucial to sound decisions;

McIntyre provides all these capabilities from three locations, including a 75,000 sq ft facility serving greater Toronto, a 35,000sq ft facility serving the Kitchener-Waterloo area and a 90,000 sq ft facility to meet the ever-expanding needs of the Calgary market.

Secure, Insured Storage in Best-Practice Warehouses

All McIntyre warehouses are insured, alarmed and climate-controlled facilities where we provide receiving, delivery, and short- and long-term storage services. Aided by state-of-the-art bar code and asset management technology, our staff can quickly pull orders from storage and prepare them for shipment to any location, including out of country.

Our warehouse facilities reflect best-practice thinking in every respect, including the critical key areas of activity:

  • Optimization of the cubic capacity for client inventories.
  • High energy efficiency through the use of on-demand lighting activated by motion sensors.
  • Lean approach to staffing.
  • Exacting operational and housekeeping disciplines.

Managing Assets for Maximum Productivity

Furniture Inventory & Asset Tracking Software
Online asset management software allows you to easily track your office inventory in our warehouse.

With McIntyre’s asset management services, clients can add critical cost and time efficiencies to their facility and furniture management programs. Upon receiving items for storage, we create a detailed data record for each item, including a digital image, and map each item to a precise storage location in the warehouse.

We can also go on site to create detailed databases of various inventories currently in use — furniture and other workspace product plus computers, printers, copiers, A/V equipment, artwork and other types as well. All inventory data can be accessed online through our SnapTracker™ asset management system to speed the planning of moves, adds and changes; reserve assets for use in upcoming projects; and make decisions about reuse, relocation, liquidation and disposal.

The chief benefits are realized in the end user’s bottom line:

  • Maximize cost avoidance through reutilization of fixed assets.
  • Highest possible return on product investments.
  • Optimal end user productivity when projects are underway.

Technical Services for Extending Product Life

Cut Workurface.jpg Resizing a workstation helps save money by avoiding the unnecessary purchase of new furniture.

McIntyre works with our clients’ project teams to enhance the utility and extend the service life of items in their furniture inventories through a variety of repair and refurbishing services. With capabilities ranging from touch-up and panel re-sizing to custom work surface cuts, our experienced technicians provide as many options as possible to re-use existing product, avoid the unnecessary purchase of new items, and maximize the returns on owners’ product investments.